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Mr Loucoum

Mr.Loucoum discovered electronic music at the age of 15, he mainly listened to Dubstep, Electro and Drum'n'Bass.

It was at 18 that he discovered Trance and Techno through festivals and underground parties in Brussels.

In 2014, he started mixing and embarked on a journey to the antipodes of Europe and landed in New Caledonia and Australia. From there begins a musical adventure in the heart of squats and Bush Doof.

Back in Belgium, he set up a "Clear Sound" Sound System named NOX OHM with his music partner Ziff and they started to sound events in the alternative environment. Since then, he has continued to mix and explore the spectrums of Progressive Psytrance and PsyTechno, his inspirations come from artists such as Captain Hook, Morten Granau, Freedom Fighters or even D-Nox, Axon and Boris Brejcha.

His discography makes him a versatile DJ in both Trance and Techno. Mr.Loucoum is a mixture of softness and aggressiveness in his music, but also an alternation of vocal lyrics and greasy and scratchy basses.

Facebook link LUZA


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