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Born in 1985 in Brussels , Moogly get interest on electronic music when he was 12 years old while he was listening Radio Campus , a independent fm radio based in brussels .


7 years later , passing by jungle , drum and bass and trip hop and learning drums , he discovered Psytrance and create BoOMshankar radio with Oli (Trance2theLight) on radio campus .


During 10 years of radio show , he travel through this music and starting to organise party under the name of BoOMshankar . Exploring every type of trance Moogly finally find his comfort zone with the Psygressive scene and lately with Techno .


His selection is always groovy and oriented on the bass deep groove in any style , with a touch of jazz behind , also on his side project , Nano Project , where he is playing set with Cronnymitra .



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